ISO Wind

CEC Design AB represents more than 25 years of international experience within the field of cost-effective sustainable building and urban design adapted to local climate, low-energy use and thermal comfort. The competence is based on many years of solid university research, leadership in development projects, and private consultant assignments.

CEC Design AB is today mainly focussing on urban micro-climate studies, comprising:

  • Advanced computer modelling and simulation of urban areas
  • Computer-based CFD analysis of wind patterns, identifying problematic spots
  • Effects of urban vegetation
  • Air pollution propagation from traffic and other sources
  • Solar access in streets, parks and squares
  • Assessment of thermal comfort in outdoor spaces

CEC Design AB interacts as a highly specialized consultant, providing independent evaluation and advice on micro-climate in urban planning projects.

We also offer web and database solutions.

Please contact us for references, more information, and to discuss your new project ideas!

CEC Design AB is an Associate Partner in a new international Erasmus Master Programme: MUrCS – Master in Urban Climate and Sustainability.